“The Remains of Crazy Horse” from Witness
(winner Mary Rouvelas Prize in Fiction, University of Washington, 1998; first runner up Poets and Writers Writer’s Exchange Contest, 2003)


“Spectra” from Isotope
(notable essays, Best American Essays 2005; part of manuscript awarded a fellowship by the Colorado Council on the Arts, 2003)
PLEASE NOTE only the first half of the essay is reprinted on line by Isotope

“The Lost Art of Saw Sharpening” from The Mountain Gazette

“The Sickening Sky” from The Mountain Gazette

“Sleeping in the Sage” from Sex in a Tent

“Lifers and Addicts”


“La Dolce Via” from Outside’s Go

“The Perfect Pool” from Backpacker

“Rocky Mountain High Jinks” from Adventure Cyclist

“Winter Adventures from Skiing to Polar Bears” from The Chicago Tribune

“Real Cowboys Ride the Boat” from Warren Miller

Food and Wine

“Whip Up a Tuscan Feast” from Outside’s Go

“Wild Sophistication” from American Cowboy

“New Life for the Old West” from American Cowboy

“Indigenous Grain Uprising” from Natural Solutions

“The Health Buzz on Kombucha” from Delicious Living

Gear and Fashion

“Town and Country” from Outside

“Personal Locator Beacon” from Canoe & Kayak


“The Fishing Annual” from Hooked on the Outdoors


“The Golden Rule,” from Mountain Gazette.

“Upping the Ante,” from CNN/Skiing

“Snowmobilers Rev Up for Roadless Riding” from High Country News


“Benetton’s African Plan” from Outside’s Go

“Conservation Breakfast Speaker Talks Up the Value of Silence” from OR Show Dailies

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