Green Machine

March 9th, 2007 by Doug Schnitzspahn

According to Biccylce Retailer, Huffy just rolled out its 500,000 Green Machine and “’Kids are posting their best Green Machine moves on YouTube,’ said Ray Thomson, vice president of marketing and product development at Huffy.” I think my first backcountry adventure began at 5 years old on Green Machine when I convinced a few neighborhood kids to runaway to France with me and we pedaled into the woods at the end of Salem Lane in Little Silver, NJ. Can’t seeem to find that video on YouTube.


One Response to “Green Machine”

  1. James wrote on 03/11/07 at 9:45 pm :

    Sweet, weI had a green machine–dark green, in fact. It was the upgrade from my Spider Man big wheels. My sister once ran over my 5 year old head with the hard black plastic tire, which may explain a lot.