Lou Dawson Likes Me…

September 4th, 2008 by Doug Schnitzspahn

… or at least he respected the opinions I espoused on the future of mountain bikes, roadless areas, and wilderness:

It’s about time someone on the enviro side said out loud that the Roadless Rule has an element of bogosity. In that vein, Doug concludes that we perhaps need “a complete rethinking of the concept of wild lands.”

While Doug’s “rethinking” appears to involve typical my-recreation-is-holier-than-yours thinking (as in muscle vs motor ), at least he’s busting the issue open.

Here’s the LINK to Dawson’s commentary.

And here’s the full story in Mountain Gazette.

One Response to “Lou Dawson Likes Me…”

  1. Jim wrote on 09/11/08 at 12:24 am :

    Interesting– I’ve never met Dawson, but I hear he’s a pretty intense guy.