Mud Slinging in Bike

March 28th, 2008 by Doug Schnitzspahn

I wrote a “Crucible” feature in the latest issue of BIKE (the 15th anniversary issue, on stands now). The story revolves around a trip to the Abajo Mountains south of Moab that was almost sabotaged by our guide. If you have any interest in seeing my mud-splattered legs, pick it up.
bike cover
I’d also recommend you read editor-in-chief Lou Mazzante’s story “30 Years to Whistler,” which delves into the past three decades of the sport and managing editor Kip Mikler’s feature on the birth of downhill at Big Bear. Mountain bike writing is much tougher to pull off than most people would think. And putting together a magazine that speaks to all the varied niches of the sport (from single speed and 29er freaks, to downhill kids hopped up on Red Bull, to x-c transcendentalists) is no easy game. But Bike has a fantastic editorial staff in place and their hard work is truly paying off and appealing, I think, to anyone who likes to get stupid on two wheels.

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